Women of Style Awards

Thanks to everyone who voted for me in In Style magazine’s Women of Style awards.  I didn’t have a chance against the lovely Nicole Kidman who took out the Readers’ Choice award last night.

However, I did win the category for which I was nominated, the environment!  I can now safely say that having a baby a short while ago (read sleep deprivation, pooey nappies & breast explosions!) as well as a severe addiction to khaki and boots is – after all – no impediment to being a woman of style!

Those of you who know me will know that this sort of thing is not my usual gig, but I have to say hats off to In Style mag for having an environment category at all as part of their Women of Style awards.  Opportunities like this to put conservation messages out there to a wider mainstream audience are rare and so valuable.  I was amazed at the number of people who came up to me at the awards night to say how much they loved elephants.  Animal lovers really do come from all walks of life – the fashion and beauty world included – and it seems like more and more people are being ‘converted’.  It’s wonderful to see.

Check out the amazing photo shoot of all the Women of Style winners in the June edition of In Style magazine, out in a few days time.  Here’s a sneak preview!

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