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Planet Elephant

A story of family, love and the global wildlife trade

"Evocative, informative, funny and sad, this is a must-read for anyone passionate about conservation and wildlife." - Tony Park Click here for details.


Elephant Dance

A story of love and war in the kingdom of elephants

“This beautifully written book by young Aussie conservationist Tammie Matson tells of her fascinating work - in which chilli peppers end up playing a key role - to reduce human-elephant conflict in Namibia and later India. It includes many encounters, sometimes terrifying and sometimes heart-wrenching, with Africa's wild animals.  Elephant Dance will make you cry, then laugh, then jump, then laugh again.” - News Limited newspapers, October 2009. Click here for details.


Dry Water

Diving headfirst into Africa

"All of the apparent accidents and mysterious coincidences that led me, an ordinary Australian girl, to a life in Africa happened for a good reason. I’m not sure what that is, but perhaps part of the reason is to tell this story." Click here for details.