The littlest wildlife warrior

Thanks everyone who’s dropped me a line in the last week.  Andy’s and my first little warrior, Sol Ridley entered the world last Sunday so we’re in a hazy planet of nappies and night feeds.  All of us are doing well and Andy and I are over the moon.  I’m not checking email as regularly so apologies if you don’t get a response straight away.  Sol (Solomon – it means sun in Latin, not to mention the relation to King Solomon and his famous mines of Africa) has already rocked our world.  He’s fabulous – and already has a complete collection of elephant cuddly toys.  Andy keeps asking me ‘Why are we getting so many elephants?’

sol 040 (2)

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  1. kristy newett

    Your little man is sooooooooooo beautiful……well done Tammie!!

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