Aussie team work to reduce demand for rhino horn in Vietnam

About a year or so ago I heard about a Melbourne-based team working to stop demand for rhino horn in Vietnam through targeted advertising.  The team, who are all volunteers, is led by Lynn Johnson on a project she founded called Breaking the Brand. They have the pro bono support of award winning Australian advertising team Nigel Dawson and Randal Glennon.  We all know how devastating the poaching of rhinos is across Africa now, and how hard the guys on the ground like Bryce and Lara Clemence in Zimbabwe (from a recent blog of mine) are working to stop the poachers, at considerable loss of life (human and rhino), so what’s happening to combat the lucrative rhino horn trade at the source?  After all, if we don’t stop that, we’ll be fighting poaching and illegal trade forever, and that’s just not sustainable.