Thai Soccer Team & Tony Jaa Go Ivory Free in Thailand

What have elephants got to do with football and martial arts?  Well more than you might think!

Thailand has long been a hot spot for the illegal ivory trade, which is why the Let Elephants Be Elephants team targeted this country for the next phase of our campaign.  We have seen some stronger measures in Thailand in the last year, including changes to the legislation around ivory and a public ivory stockpile destruction by the government, but there is still much to be done to raise awareness of the issue in Thailand.

Let Elephants Be Elephants is very proud to be a partner in WildAid‘s new campaign to stop ivory trade in Thailand – Be Ivory Free.  The Thai soccer team, the ‘war elephants’, along with Thai Hollywood martial arts star Tony Jaa, are the ambassadors for this campaign locally, encouraging people all across the country to say no to ivory.  The core message is that success is achieved through hard work, not by wearing ivory from poached elephants.  Take a look at the advertisements going out this week below.

You can do your part to spread the word by going to Let Elephants Be Elephants’ Facebook site and sharing the advertisements far and wide across your social networks.  If you have connections in Thailand, please send these messages directly to them.  And of course, as always, never buy ivory when you are visiting Thailand or any other country.  Let’s keep up the momentum and make sure everyone knows that it’s not cool to wear ivory!