September gigs coming up in Sydney & Brisbane

If you live in the vicinity of Randwick library in Sydney’s eastern suburbs, my partner in Animal Works Nafisa Naomi and I will be having a yarn about how we use different forms of communication to spread the word about the plight of endangered species.  It’s on 15th September from 7pm-8.30pm at Randwick library, 1st floor, Randwick shopping centre as part of the library’s Extraordinary Women series.

And in Brisie, I’ll be discussing human wildlife conflict and all sorts of other things related to animals with fellow African authors Sally Henderson, Annette Henderson and Ace Bourke (if you haven’t seen his lion youtube video you have to check it out here – it’s awesome!).  We’re on three panels which are bound to be interesting with a roll up like that – a couple for kids and one for grown ups – at the Brisbane Writers’ Festival on 1st (12.20pm – kids) and 2nd September (12.20pm – kids & 2.30pm – adults).  You can buy tickets here.

Looking forward to seeing  you there!

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