Price slashed for my Namibian Safari 2015!

Great news!  The wonderful folks at Wilderness Safaris have just offered me a huge discount on my conservation safari to Namibia in September 2015 (next year).  However, it’s only for a limited time!  

Oryx at Palmwag's Desert Rhino Camp (credit: Wilderness Safaris)

Oryx at Palmwag’s Desert Rhino Camp (credit: Wilderness Safaris)

Even though it’s over a year away, this is a special deal that we’re getting by booking in advance, which means if you want to come with me I need you to contact me now with your details.  A 20% non-refundable deposit is required to confirm your place, but the remainder isn’t due until 2 months prior to the safari start date (next year July), so lots of time to save!

A reminder that this trip has been assembled by me personally and will be guided by me personally, so it’s not your regular, run of the mill Namibian trip.  I’ve chosen these particular safari camps because they are contributing to conservation, so what you pay on this trip is as good as a donation to a wildlife charity.

Read more about the full safari here!

Sossusvlei, Namibia (right next to Kulala Desert Lodge) (credit: Wilderness Safaris)

Sossusvlei, Namibia (right next to Kulala Desert Lodge) (credit: Wilderness Safaris)

5 Reasons Why You Should Go to Namibia With Me

1) There’s nowhere else like it in Africa.  Desert dunes, arid-adapted wildlife and unique ethnic groups make for an experience that is simply out of this world.  The starry night sky is bigger and brighter than anywhere else in the world in Namibia’s desert and the sunsets are breath taking.

2) I lived in Namibia for 6 years and travelled all over the country in a beaten up old 4×4 working in conservation and ecotourism.  I know these camps and areas really well and hope to be able to introduce you to a few of my friends who are still working in conservation over there.

3) Namibia is one of the best examples of community-based conservation in the world.  Poaching is nowhere near as big a problem here as in other parts of Africa because of the really effective community-based natural management schemes, focused on communal conservancies.

4) It’s the only place you’re likely to see a rare black-faced impala, the subject of my PhD and first book, “Dry Water”!  Black-faced impalas are a subspecies of the more abundant common impala, which provide fast food for just about every predator in the book… The black-faced subspecies are endemic to Namibia.  We’ll be seeing black-faced impalas in Etosha and Ongava on this safari, and you’ll learn all about their behaviour from someone who spent many years studying them.

5) Namibia is a great place to get up close to increasingly rare black rhinos in a unique arid environment.  At the rate that black rhinos are disappearing in neighbouring South Africa, to provide horn for growing markets in Vietnam, you might want to check them out before they’re gone!

Black rhinos, Palmwag, Namibia (credit: Wilderness Safaris)

Black rhinos, Palmwag, Namibia (credit: Wilderness Safaris)

For more details on my specialist conservation safari to Namibia contact me today here.  Look forward to sharing a sundowner with you on the sand dunes soon.

About the Author
Dr Tammie Matson is a zoologist, author and director of Matson & Ridley Safaris.
  1. Tammie

    Hi Maureen – June is peak season in southern Africa so there aren’t a lot of specials going then. The best time of year to go for good deals is the green season (roughly Nov-April) during the African summer rains. I took a group to the Okavango at this time last year and it was absoutely fantastic, with lots of baby animals around (you only get this at this time of year) and wonderful big thunderstorms and sunsets. Would you be interested in going then? Take a look at my safari to Botswana in December last year – I think the green season is Africa’s best kept secret (that’s when the locals travel too!).

  2. Maureen leyser

    Do you get discounts for wilderness safaris in June?

  3. Schola

    If you ever decide to visit Namibia, take out time and read through information made especially available on the Travel News Namibia website:
    There is more information on what to “Explore” and “What to do” when in Namibia; “Booking your Dream” that is your options on the best means of transportation available; guidance on making a wise decision on “Where to stay” and do not hesitate to make your accommodation bookings through: or email: for assistance where necessary. Proudly Namibian.

  4. Tammie

    Hi Cynthia – only 20% deposit is due at this stage and the remainder isn’t due til July next year if that helps! I’ll send you the itinerary and costing.

  5. Cynthia House

    Hello Tammie

    The more I know of Namibia the more I am fascinated so I would be interested to know the cost of this trip you are hosting. No idea how I would pay for it at this stage but I would still appreciate the info please.

    Cynthia House – Artist

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