On our way to Africa!

Hi folks

Just to make you jealous, Andy and I are on our way to South Africa and Namibia for a few weeks of fun among the animals.  Sol is 6 months old and about to see his first elephant.  While he might not remember it, his parents certainly will!

If I can find a decent internet line over there I’ll drop you all a line from the wild, but chances are most of the time we’ll be suffering through crisp white wines at sunset on the savannah, watching elephant dust baths and enjoying the peace and serenity of Africa… It’s a tough job but someone’s gotta do it!

I”ll be back back in a few weeks with a full report on Kruger, Etosha and even a little bit of Damaraland!  In the meantime please bear with me if it takes me a while to respond to emails.   Hippo and lion watching is about to take priority over my cyber addiction for a little while.

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