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Ever wondered what it’s like to be a game ranger in Africa?  Find out by watching our second webisode from my Kenyan expedition with Asian TV star Nadya Hutagalung on the Let Elephants Be Elephants youtube channel by clicking here or watching below.  This video is a unique behind the scenes look into the real world that elephants live in today, and the dangers that rangers in Kenya from the Big Life Foundation face on a daily basis.  Take a journey with us into the magnificent East African plains to see what is really happening on the ground.  Please share it on your social networks and help us spread the word!

If you missed our first webisode, focused on the amazing work of the David Sheldrick Wildlife Trust run by Dame Daphne Sheldrick, you can still watch it below.  We’ve loved having your feedback on the super-cute baby elephants in this video and we hope you’ll continue to share it with your friends.

Remember that you can make a difference to stop the illegal ivory trade in Asia simply by spreading the word that it’s not cool to buy ivory.  That’s what the Let Elephants Be Elephants campaign is all about.  Just click here to take the pledge to say no to ivory, then share the link with your friends. 

Over 7500 people have taken the pledge so far, and we want at least twice that number to make the commitment!  And remember that if you enter the website, there are lots of fascinating videos and facts about elephants from some of the biggest names in elephant conservation ready for you to share on Facebook with all your friends.  So what’s stopping you?  Take the pledge today!

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About the Author
Dr Tammie Matson is a zoologist, author and director of Matson & Ridley Safaris.
  1. Tammie

    Hi Rowena, lucky you – what a privilege to spend time with those gorgeous little babies at DSWT. Yes Edwin is a legend. I was so impressed with the lengths they go to to make sure the orphans receive not just their biological needs, but also their emotional needs. As Daphne says, if you don’t love a baby elephant, it just won’t make it, so this is part of their rehabilitation.

  2. Rowena Ward

    Hi Tammy,
    I was at DSWT last month and sponsored baby Mbegu for my sister to foster as they share birthdays – how else can you choose which little treasure to sponsor? What a wonderful set-up the Trust is but such a great pity it has to exist at all. I met Edwin Lusichi too – such a committed and inspirational man as are all the keepers.

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