Need an Afro-distraction?

Great to have so much interest in Barefoot in Africa and Animal Works’ Zimbabwean safaris planned for June this year.  It’s not too late to get a place, so get in touch with me at if you’d like an itinerary or a costing.   The feedback we’ve had so far is very positive.  The trips encompass a great swathe of Africa for a very competitive price, not to mention that some of what you pay for your trip goes to the very conservation projects you’ll be visiting while you’re there.

Check out the 3 minute video made by the safari operator and guide, Michael Jeh, from Barefoot in Africa, with footage of the places, wildlife, people and accommodation on our safari by clicking here.  I reckon there’s never been a better time to go to Zimbabwe now when it’s so quiet and you get all the animals to yourself.  Our trips have a maximum of 10 too, which means you’ll get to make friends with like-minds and have some good jaw wags by the campfire under African skies.

Tickets to the Imagine Africa dinner with Australia’s most fabulous African authors at Ripples Chowder Bay, Mosman on Wednesday 22nd February are also selling fast, so phone Ripples on 02 99603000 to book your tickets.   All proceeds from the night, which is $50 of  the $95 you pay for a 3 course dinner and wine, go to Animal Works’ anti-poaching fund for Zimbabwe.  For more info click here.

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