Planet Elephant & the Aussie tour

Just back in Singapore after a whirlwind book tour in Australia and some much needed wintery weather (a divine contrast from Singapore’s endless summer!).  I’m pleased to say that my new book “Planet Elephant” – a story of family, love and the global wildlife trade – is now available at all good book stores across the country (try Dymmocks and Indies stores for starters, and if your local store doesn’t have it, put an order in!).


African wild dogs, rhinos & safari action

Just a few days ago I was in the Save Valley Conservancy, Zimbabwe, sitting by an African wild dog den where a dozen or so puppies (the cutest baby animal you’re ever likely to see) huddled up together for warmth.  It was an extra special experience because it’s so uncommon, as the dogs only den for a few months a year during the winter months, and also because they are so endangered (only about 5000 left in the wild).  Sightings like this are rare, and the Save Valley Conservancy is one of the best places to experience it – check out this footage I took of an adult regurgitating meat for the super cute bundle of puppies! (more…)

The ‘real’ Out of Africa

I’d been travelling to southern Africa for twenty years before I finally set foot in East Africa, taking my first foray into Kenya a few weeks ago.  And wow, was it worth the wait!

Cokes' hartebeests

Cokes’ hartebeests

April is the wet season in Kenya, and so apparently not the ideal time to go, but let me tell you those vast open plains are right out of a Hollywood scene from ‘Out of Africa’ no matter what time of year you go, and the fact that they were covered in an ocean of knee-high grass didn’t mean we missed out wildlife-wise.  It was simply magical. (more…)

Kenya, elephants & ivory

In all my years of running around Africa, I haven’t yet made it to Kenya, the country that so many people associate Africa with (think Karen Blixen and “Out of Africa”)…  I’m very excited to say that the time has finally come! (more…)

Borneo adventure

I love a family adventure…. I mean, let’s be honest, travelling with a rambunctious toddler in the far flung parts of the planet is not quite the same as when you’re travelling on your own.  You can’t take the same risks and there are things like killer ants and venomous snakes to factor in.  But there’s a lot you can do in the wild, as our intrepid son Solo taught us recently in Borneo. (more…)

Zimbabwean magic

I don’t know what it is about Zimbabwe, but every time I go back I simply don’t want to leave.  Animal Works’ first expedition to Zimbabwe a few weeks ago proved that it wasn’t just me who could be charmed by this magical part of Africa, as 10 Aussies from all walks of life bonded with each other and the locals, while experiencing some of the best wildlife the continent  has to offer. (more…)