News from Assam, India

It happens all the time in India…  Elephants get injured by people as they venture into tea gardens and rice paddies, areas that were once elephant habitat, now human territory.  This poor elephant was injured and then got trapped in a tea garden trench.  The horrible thing is this is happening all the time.

The good news is that there are vets like Pranab Boro and Anjan Talukdar from the Wildlife Trust of India who risk their own lives to save these elephants.  This is why we’re running the Elephant Extravaganza on 19th October.  Some of the funds raised on the night will help support the Centre for Wildlife Rehabilitation and Conservation in Assam, India, where Anjan and Pranab work, and where elephant babies orphaned by the escalating human-elephant conflict have a chance at life.  Please come along and lend your support or click here to find out how you can help Animal Works online!